Electrical Infrared Inspection

Today's electrical systems are complex and high performance. Excessive heat relative to the entire system can be a sign of potential problems. These higher temperatures often indicated loose or faulty connections, improper wiring installation, ground faults, short circuits and other common problems in electric equipment. It is often difficult to determine if there is a ticking time bomb within your electrical system simply from a visual inspection. With the help of Certified Infrared and their top-of-the-line equipment and expertise, you can pinpoint and repair electrical problems before they fail. This will ultimately reduce or eliminate your operational downtown and keep your company on a profitable track.

Each Electrical survey will be conducted with the latest technology in the industry and will be followed by a complete Electrical survey report similar to this downloadable example.

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Our Services:

Commercial Electrical IR Inspection

Preventative Inspections for electrical and information hubs

Commercial Roof IR Inspection

Thermal anomaly detection in Commercial Roofing Systems.

Mechanical Inspection

Preventative Maintenance for pumps, motors, and industrial equipment.
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