Mechanical Infrared Inspection

Motors, hydraulic pumps and lines, servos, and other industrial equipment may be the lifeblood of your business. If one or more problems occur with these systems, downtime in your production is a likely scenario. This downtime is extremely costly.

Avoid this scenario and take a proactive approach to preventative maintenance. Visual and electrical inspections of your equipment will only give you part of the story. There are many more problems to discover through the use of Mechanical Infrared Inspection by the professionals at Certified Infrared.

Each Mechanical survey will be conducted with the latest technology in the industry and will be followed by a complete Mechanical survey report similar to this downloadable example.

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Our Services:

Commercial Electrical IR Inspection

Preventative Inspections for electrical and information hubs

Commercial Roof IR Inspection

Thermal anomaly detection in Commercial Roofing Systems.

Mechanical Inspection

Preventative Maintenance for pumps, motors, and industrial equipment.
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