Infrared Roofing Inspections

Infrared Thermography is particularly well suited to find the thermal anomalies created by trapped moisture under roofing membrane.

How it Works

All flat roofing systems have several inches of insulation material sandwiched between the membrane and roof deck. When a leak develops, this insulating material absorbs some of the water that penetrates the membrane. The added water in this material increases the thermal mass as compared to dry insulating material.

Thermal Images

During daylight hours the radiant heat of the sun heats the combined roof structure. After sunset, the roof begins to shed this accumulated heat back to the atmosphere. The added thermal mass of the moist insulation holds this heat longer. During this time there is a window of opportunity when a skilled thermographer will be able to image these warmer areas. The results can be quite dramatic.


A non-destructive moisture meter is used to verify the presence of moisture.


Both full color digital and thermographic images will be supplied in the written report.


Thermal anomalies when found are identified by fluorescent marking paint.

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